You have found the submission page for the City of Syracuse's first collective imagined story. This is an opportunity for you get creative, and later to see a story you wrote performed among stories from your fellow Syracusians.

All you need is your imagination and some story-telling brain power. The detailed writing prompt is below.

The Writing Prompt:

1) Choose one year when you lived in Syracuse.

2) How old were you then?


What were some of the important things in your life that year? You don’t have to remember every detail, consider significant places, other people, your family and friends, and events. Explore both small details and broad strokes. Take some time to write about those important people, places, and moments.


Breadcrumbs Productions would like you to take this year in your life and create an imagined story which alters the course of this year for you. Here are some important points of your story:


>> January was just as you remembered it. Begin here when you write your story. 

>> February, the same as well. Cold. It’s always cold in February.

>> March and April, the entire spring was exactly as you experienced.

>> The summer too – the hot months of Syracuse were as you lived them during that year. August was hot, as it always is.

>> September was hotter than usual, but nothing too strange. A late summer.

>> October passed but the heat remained. You heard about it on the news. The hottest October on record! Around the entire world! A mysterious task force unit appears in Syracuse.

>>  November was just as hot! People were growing concerned… the schools… family holidays… everything changed. 

>> In December… 


Story Submission Form

Tell us your story!

Other than following the narrative steps above, there are no particular guidelines to your story. You tell it, however you want. Breadcrumbs Productions will combine the stories of hundreds of Syracuse residents to tell about The Winter With No Snow!