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Breadcrumbs Productions Theatre Scratch Night is a new series showcasing short segments of original theatrical work from the Central New York community.

For any QUESTIONS, or to SUBMIT SCRIPTS FOR CONSIDERATION, please don't hesitate to contact

Producer Derek Powell at 315-450-0631,

or send an email to

Our next Scratch will be

Spring - Dates TBA 

The purpose of a "Scratch Night" is twofold - to promote the the original work of playwrights in the CNY area, thus fostering our community's engagement with the arts - but also to serve as a developmental tool for the playwrights themselves. After each performance of an original work, there is an opportunity for the audience to pose questions to the playwright, and an opportunity for the playwright to pose questions to the audience. Our hope is that playwrights will use this opportunity to continue to develop their work, taking the responses and reactions of their audiences into account. THERE ARE NO SMALL IDEAS. 


• winter • february 27, 2020 •


 just directed Wait Until Dark at CNYP this January. She was associate director for Redhouse Arts Center’s production of RENT. She has directed Merry Wives of Windsor with Syracuse Shakespeare in the Park. Along with directing she also performs as well. Some of her favorite credits include: Stage Manager in Our Town, and Celia in As You Like It, and  Mattie Fae in August Osage County. She works for Redhouse as a teaching fellow at Seymour Dual Language Academy.


The World as we know it has changed. The HN45 has spread across the world infecting billions . As countries are evacuating with no where to go, residents are left fighting for the last remaining resources. She has been taken in by IT. IT feeds her and is a constant reminder of what to do to remain safe. IT becomes the comfort she feels she needs to survive. But as She soon learns, things and the world are not what they seem. Is the truth scarier than what she thought?


was the resident playwright with The Theater Offensive’s Creative Action Crew (2015-2016), generating new plays based on the work of a queer youth performance ensemble. Break, a full-length, was workshopped at Chicago’s About Face Theatre in 2018. "The Dating Game," a 10-minute play, was performed in New York and Boston in 2015.  Gemma is a doctoral candidate at Syracuse University and a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

"You Want Them

to Look Away"

Written as part of the 365 Women a Year Playwriting Project, explores the brief life of Felice Schragenheim, a Jewish woman living anonymously in Berlin under the Third Reich while developing a romantic relationship with Lilly Wust, the wife of a Nazi soldier.

Sam Norton


 is currently working on a Master's Degree in family therapy. In producing this play they're hoping to demystify the therapy process, explore the mental health field a little from the perspective of a mental health worker, and normalize having a relationship with your mental health that is more than 'good' or 'bad' but can change over time.

"The Devil and Me"

takes place during a therapy session, and explores the relationship people can have with their mental health, and  that it's more complicated than the black and white good/bad, but something that can be changed and worked with over time. While working on this play, people have shared that it has inspired them to reflect on their own mental health journeys. What will it inspire in you?

Binaifer Dabu

 is a storyteller and is grateful to share a segment of her original work, which is in development.  She has performed in India, Boston, Off-Broadway (Lion Theatre), and in Syracuse with variety of theatre companies, including independent film projects and commercials. She recently performed in an immersive theater piece - “Marie and the Nutcracker Prince” (Tsarina Alyx), and in the Redhouse’s production of “Romeo & Juliet” (“Nurse”).

"Six Yards of Fabric"

is a small segment of what will eventually become a full length one woman show.  As a born storyteller, she has drawn from her own personal experiences to create a performance that will blend text, movement, and imagery. The story you will see is one that she has been meaning to share with the world for decades - the story of her own life journey. It is reminder that we all carry rich stories of our own, of which we are both the narrator and the audience. 

• fall • november 21, 2019

scratch promo fall.jpg

Kristina Rusho staged an scene from a full-length play-in-progress called Love in the Time of Zombies, which is meant to convey how, in times of panic and uncertainty, relationships, new or established, are always precious and vulnerable.

Tanner Efinger staged a segment of his adaptation of Christina Rosetti's poem Goblin Market, an allegory of the strength of sisterhood in the face adversity. To be developed into an immersive theatre piece.

Blondean Young shared a reading of a few scenes from her full-length play, So What If You Love Me, in which two friends fall in love, but struggle to stay together, because the cost of happiness is too much for one of them to pay. 

Margot Reed presented a reading of Borderlinea short play showing a conflict between two brothers, wherein a thinly veiled social call becomes an argument over family, loyalty, and identity.

• summer • august 1, 2019

scratch promo_2.jpg

Strange David Fuller presented a scene from their one act play, “Regulation,” which explores the nature of stereotypes and attitudes that our society projects onto various demographics in our population.


Donna Stuccio performed in a staged reading of her short one act play, “Rounding Home in the Clarity of Earth’s Magnificent Rise,” in which a long held sadness at a missed opportunity unwittingly becomes a recipe to conjure a bit of magic. 


Clare Lopez staged a short scene tentatively titled, “Morning After,” one of seven vignettes that together compose a short play, which may be adapted into a screenplay.


Brad Beckman shared selections from his short play "Natural Order" which is made up of the spoken/chanted/echoed dreams a sleeper has over the course of a night.

• spring • may 2, 2019

scratch promo.jpg

Isaac Betters presented a workshopped moment from his original adaptation of Plato's Symposium titled beloved.

Martikah Williams presented a scene from her original play Finals.


Louis DiNolfi and Jodi Bova collaborated on a piece of performance art titled Creativity Project.

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