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A new play written by Gemma Cooper-Novack

Directed by Whitney Tenney Pak

Come Like Shadows

As the Gold Rush brings thousands of new settlers to San Francisco, a secretive young woman begins to work at a high-end brothel in the burgeoning city. As she draws closer to her companions there, the past and present hungers of men--socially, politically, romantically--begin to cast a shadow upon the brothel. Come Like Shadows offers an alternate take on the history of Shakespeare's most infamous character, Lady Macbeth.

This is a world premiere workshop production. Along with enjoying the show, audiences will be given the opportunity to look deeper into the process of theatre creation with the creative team at Breadcrumbs Productions.

The 2022 workshop production closed on November 6. Keep an eye out for our May 2023 production!


The Development Story

Learn about the development of Come Like Shadows as the director, writer, and Breadcrumbs creative team discuss the inspiration behind the piece, the challenges of building new theater, and their creative process.


Playwright's Note

Come Like Shadows asks when we find safety in those shadows and when the light of power burns.

Breadcrumbs Productions came to me with their development of a scenario, characters, and traces of history, and I was charged with bringing a script to encompass them.


As I delved deeper into the characters, the Shakespeare script that inspired them, and the years in which they would have lived, I found one of the many corners of the world that was, for a few moments, ruled by women (and those who, as Madam says, are not exactly men). This isn’t utopian; rather, these characters have come together out of some combination of love and insecurity, and have to choose whether, when, and how they will harm others to protect themselves from larger (patriarchal) structures still intent on harm.


As Macbeth itself asks when and why we will trade our honesty and our love for power, so I hope Come Like Shadows asks when we find safety in those shadows and when the light of power burns.


The Cast

You may have seen these local artists who have contributed to creating daring and innovative theatre within our area and beyond.



Emily Elizabeth (she/her) is excited to be back on stage with Breadcrumbs Productions in this beautiful new piece of theatre. Emily is a multidisciplinary theatre artist, and film actor. While she finds her joy on stage, she is also a voice artist, most recently heard as Olivia in the audio drama “Forgive Me.” She is an award nominated producer, and headed an all-female production team for “Independence.” She was last seen on stage with Breadcrumbs in “Grimm Cinderella,” and also portrayed Constance Wilde in the premiere of “A Picture of Oscar Wilde.” Emily is passionate about finding and offering professional, sustainable opportunities for artists in Central New York through her work as Executive Director.



Binaifer is grateful be a part of the creative process and the artistic team of Come Like Shadows at Breadcrumbs Productions. She has performed in India, Boston, Off-Broadway (Lion Theatre), and in Syracuse with variety of theatre companies, independent film projects, and commercials. Most recently, she performed in Redhouse production of “The Angels in America: Part I” (The Angel) and before that in the world premiere of Khalil Gibran’s adapted stage play, “Jesus Son of Man” (Mary – Mother of Jesus). Other favorite roles: “Antigone and Letters to Soldiers Lost” (Antigone); “Romeo & Juliet” (Nurse); “Marie and the Nutcracker Prince” (Tsarina Alyx); “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Puck); “August Osage County” (Violet); “The Elephant Man” (Mrs. Kendall); “Importance of Being Earnest” (Lady Bracknell); “Twelfth Night” (Olivia); “A Doll’s House” (Nora). Binaifer has written and performed in her original piece “Fragments” and “Tower of Silence” as part of the Virtual Play Festival. We all carry rich stories of our own, of which we are both the narrator and the audience. Thank you for supporting live theatre.



Mary (they/them) is very proud to be back on this stage after several years. Born and raised here in Syracuse, Mary was a very active Professional in the CNY Theatre scene before earning their BFA in Music Theatre and moving to Manhattan in 2018. After a year in NYC, Mary toured North America with the First National Broadway Tour of 'The Spongebob Musical' as a Swing covering upwards of 12 tracks in the show. Mary has also spent several years working as an Arts Educator and Vocal Coach, having taught at several accredited Universities including Boston Conservatory, Nazareth College, and The Hartt School. Mary has spent most of the pandemic contemplating how to center Sustainability and non-exploitive practice both in Life and the Theatre Industry moving forward. This has culminated in founding the ‘Syracuse Coalition Theatre’, an equitable /safe/ space for multi-hyphenate Artists of ALL ages - find out more info at ‘’. Mary is a passionate, Queer/Mixed Race Activist, Musician, and published Author who is constantly looking for ways to collaborate and facilitate genuine community. Thank you for coming out to see us! @marynickson //


The Man

Tanner Efinger (he/they) is the Founding Artistic Director of Breadcrumbs Productions. He is a theatre maker, arts advocate and community organizer. Select original works include Marie & The Nutcracker Prince (Producer/Performer), The Picture of Oscar Wilde (Writer), 1918 (Writer/Director), and High As Sugar (Writer/Performer). Other regional and international credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Oxford University Press), Hamlet (Boston Theatre Company), The Marriage of Figaro (Boston Lyric Opera), Footloose & Rough Crossing (Cortland Repertory Theater). He has taught devised theatre at LeMoyne College, Shakespeare programs at Oxford University, as well as various improvisational theatre and acting classes with numerous schools and organizations. Tanner is the co-owner of Wunderbar, a queer bar and theatre in downtown Syracuse. His long term goal is to help develop Central New York as a place for artists and queer people to migrate to because of the depth of opportunity. For more information, please visit



Emilee Edick is excited to be apart of this production of Come Like Shadows! Emilee participated in theatre, including musicals, all throughout high school, in productions like A Chorus Line (Shelia), Into the Woods (Baker’s Wife), Twelve Angry Jurors (Juror 8), and Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey). Emilee was recently in a production of Radium Girls (Grace Fryer) at the CNY Community Arts Center. Emilee has trained at the New York State Summer State School of the Arts (NYSSSA) School of Theatre, and Bennington College where she studied within the drama/acting program.

Inside the Minds of the Performers

Listen to the members of the cast discuss their characters, the challenges they have faced in this production, and their thoughts on the future iterations of Come Like Shadows