GOBLIN MARKET is an immersive theatrical adventure which tells the story of two sisters, Lizzie and Laura. Through the glen, we follow the sisters as they struggle to preserve their innocence against the temptations of the Goblin merchants and their sumptuous fruit. Combining elements of visual art, performance art and digital art, this allegory warns audiences about the real dangers of the patriarchy while underscoring the strength of sisterhood to prevail against adversity. Alarmingly, this story is just as relevant in 2021 as it was for its original 19th century audience.


Adapted from the 1862 poem by Christina Rossetti by the same name, GOBLIN MARKET is a new piece of immersive, site-specific, theatre adapted and directed by Tanner Efinger, Artistic Director of Syracuse-based Breadcrumbs Productions. The world premiere of GOBLIN MARKET will be at Wunderbar (201 S. West Street) for six performances in October. 


Audition Information

Wednesday, July 7 from 7-9pm*
Thursday, July 8 from 7-9pm*

Central New York based non-equity* performers (age 18+) for the following roles:
LAURA - female or can play femme presenting, can play between 16 - 20
LIZZIE - female or can play femme presenting, can play between 16 - 20
JEANNIE - female or can play femme presenting, any age

All artists are professionally compensated for rehearsals and performances. 
*equity actors can be seen with the understanding that it is the artist’s responsibility to negotiate required waivers with their union

Memorize be prepared to perform Christina Rosetti’s “No, Thank you, John”
Text can be found here:  poetryfoundation.org/poems/146808/no-thank-you-john