We strive at Breadcrumbs to support our local artistic community, both through providing a platform for local artists to share their skills with others, as well as by providing opportunities to local artists to improve themselves through various courses offered by people both locally and from abroad. We recognize that we can grow as a community both by teaching each other, and by learning from each other! 


We are happy to announce new reservation options available for all of our series and workshops! This ties into our ongoing mission to make art more accessible to the community. 

  1. Buy for yourself!

  2. Buy for someone else! Give us the contact information for the recipient, and we’ll do all the rest.

  3. Sponsor a local artist! Continual study and practice is fundamental to the success of any artist. But it also can be expensive. Choose this option to save a spot for a local artist in order to help them continue doing the work. (Scholarship application found here.)

Reading & Speaking Shakespeare

Instructed by Tanner Efinger



Mondays, May 25 – June 29 (six classes)

5pm – 6:30pm, EST

Online Via the Breadcrumbs Zoom Room

Registration required. Attendance to all classes is requested, but not required

Open class for all levels. Whether you are completely new to Shakespeare or a seasoned Shakespearean actor, this class will unlock the mystery to Shakespeare’s most belovéd play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Speaking Shakespeare during the class is encouraged but not required. By the end of this class students will be able to have the tools to approach any Shakespearean text with confidence.  No class maximum. Family friendly, except Shakespeare writes about sex a lot, so that’s on your conscience, not mine.


Hughie Stone Fish Presents: Kill Them With Comedy

Instructed by Mirage Thrams


$100 for the series

Mondays in June (6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29)

7pm – 8pm, EST

with a final performance on July 6th

Online Via the Breadcrumbs Zoom Room


A sense of humor.


This course will teach you to break through your fear and tap into your natural comedic voice.  All levels are welcome. Learn how to manipulate your thoughts and stories into hilarity! Though this course is a Beginner’s Course to Standup Comedy, it can also help the seasoned comedian to learn consistency in writing, gain community and punch up your jokes to kill.  In addition to learning to write and perform killer standup you will also learn:

1. How best to structure a story and deliver the right material to the right audience.

2. How to discover your original voice and be funny in everyday conversation.

3. What it takes to perform stand up on a regular basis and how to conquer a fear of public speaking.

adult acting class pic.jpg

Adult Acting Class


Instructor: Tanner Efinger

About Tanner:

Tanner Efinger is the Artistic Director of Breadcrumbs Productions. He is a theatre maker, arts advocate and community organizer and has worked professionally throughout the US and UK as a performer, director, educator, producer, and writer. In the past few years he has taught devised theatre at LeMoyne College, Shakespeare programs at Oxford University, as well as various improvisational theatre and acting classes with numerous schools and organizations. For more information about Tanner, visit

About the Class:

This class will teach actors how to approach a body of work - in this case Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. We will read and analyze the play together while examining character objectives and explore how to this world and these characters in our body, voice and space. Together we will block and perform select scenes from the play. There will be an intimate invited performance on the final day.

These are open level classes and there are 10 available spaces*. 

*These classes are for adults ages 18+ unless agreed otherwise. Please contact for more information.

Adult Modern Dance Series

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Venue: SALTSpace

Instructor: Sarah Walter

About the Class:

With a world that moves so fast, we will indulge in this time to tap into our awareness from within and radiate that energy out through breath, touch, weight and other sensory elements. We will explore guided improvisational movement inspired from Bartenieff Fundamentals, personal choice making, choreographed sequences, and connection with others, while finding alignment, strength, and stability to move through space more efficiently. Whether you’ve taken my class before or not, join me at SALTspace to dive into this new personal exploration together with a supportive community atmosphere!

About Sarah:

Originally from Syracuse, Sarah has returned to her roots after receiving her BFA in Dance from SUNY Brockport, and now is the Head Coordinator for Salt City Dance Festival and the founder of the Adult Modern Dance Series. Currently she teaches at Syracuse Yoga and Dance Arts Studio & Center of Movement Studies, as well as dances and performs with Deviant Dance Tribe, LLC Chairlesque Performer Tribe. Her experience with dance has also led her to perform and choreograph in the Rochester FRINGE Festival, as well as various showcases in London, NYC, and upstate New York. Sarah enjoys cultivating atmospheres which supports local artists, while also giving opportunity for all community members to engage with the arts and see what Syracuse has to offer.

dance series april sarah.JPG


lab series.jpg


Playwriting LAB Series: "The Ten Minute Play"


Stay-Tuned for Dates Summer/Fall 2020

Venue: Wunderbar

Instructor: Krystal Osborne

$75* for the six class series and a production!

Space is LIMITED to TEN students.

Both new writers and seasoned writers welcome!

*If payment is an issue, please reach out to Let's see if we can work something out!

About the Class:

Breadcrumbs Productions and Krystal Osborne return with another installment of the Playwriting LAB series: "The Ten Minute Play". This series starts with a 6 week playwriting intensive lead by Osborne which will focus on the creation of a ten minute play.

Award winning and produced Playwright and Performance artist Krystal Osborne (BFA, Adelphi) leads this series where students will focus on techniques on how to free their minds of judgement, re-connect with the world around them, and simply getting the pen to the paper. Participants will be guided through various exercises and prompts to hone their skills and help each writer find their voice. Students will learn how to apply dramatic structure and write dialogue, stage direction, construct characters, enrich conflict and arrange work. Each student will leave with at least 3 ten minute plays!

Each class will offer in-depth discussions, free writing time, introductions into dramaturgy and theatrical devices, as well as feedback. Students will be welcomed to submit their work created in class for a staged performance at Wunderbar in June! With this, playwrights will receive invaluable experience collaborating on new work with local Directors and Actors from the audition process all the way to production.

The goal of this LAB Series is to encourage local artists to approach and create new work!

More coming soon! 

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